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Quil & Claire

Quil and Claire
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Hey girl hey! If you haven't noticed, I am like in love with twilight. It's freaking amazing. And I love watching videos about it. Mostly from NoMoreMarbles, she's amazing too. Snapiekins is also very entertaining to watch. They're both insanely funny too. So yeah, updates when I feel like it. Also, if you want to talk about anything related to twilight, send me a message. I heart Edward Cullen. By the way, I have to send a shoutout to my bestest-estest-estest friend ever, Katie Hayes! And my triple distant cousin, Sam! And my orange team peeps, Megan L. Megan H. and Nikki H. Luv u guyzz! And some gold team peeps, Kaliegh, Shellyy, Brittany, and Shanon! Luv you guyzz too!!I am like a major twilighter so if you like twilight I love you! :D I was totally fangirling over the videos about twilight on T.V. like screaming and jumping up and down. So yeah, that's just a preview of how crazy about twilight I am. XD

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